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Highest Paying Degrees in Business Management

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A business degree is a significant investment. The key to maximizing that investment is knowing which areas within business pay the highest salaries. Here are the Highest Paying Business Degrees based upon the most recent jobs information available from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

1. Entrepreneurship – M.S. or B.S. in Entrepreneurship or MBA in Entrepreneurship

A business degree based in the specialization of entrepreneurship provides students with instruction concentrated on the vital aspects and decision making skills necessary to handle the daily operations of an organization. Courses within an entrepreneurship specialization include: capital management, global business, and product development as well as general business principles like: sales, marketing, finance, public relations, human resources, and accounting. Graduates who complete business degrees within entrepreneurship specializations often advance to establish careers as chief executive officers with median average salaries of $158,560 annually though earnings vary by organization of employment and responsibility level.

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2. E-commerce – M.S. or B.S. in E-commerce, or MBA in E-commerce

The field of E-commerce is one of the most innovative and quickly evolving aspects of the business industry. Students who specialize studies within this discipline gain a versatile understanding of E-commerce management and electronic services as well as the skills necessary to establish, formulate, and implement means of electronic distribution. Courses provide students with general business instruction as well as specialized studies in the management information systems. Most E-commerce curricula include the following courses: analysis and design of information and E-systems, decision support systems and data mining, emerging information technologies, E-commerce project management, seminar in global E-commerce policy, database systems, managing telecommunication and Internet technologies, information technologies, global operations information technology, and design of information systems for business. Graduates who concentrate their business degrees within E-commerce programs often advance as E-commerce management specialists, entrepreneurs, Internet marketers, or Internet applications designers with the potential to earn $127,870 yearly.

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3. Marketing – M.S. or B.S. in Marketing, or MBA in Marketing

Marketing Business majors who concentrate studies within marketing specializations gain a broad understanding of the responsibilities necessary to organize and promote various firms and businesses. Marketing programs offer students the ability to analyze, research, strategize and deliver methods and techniques necessary to support an organizations brand, increase profits, and maximize investments. A business specialization in marketing includes courses like: business administration, economics, finance, accounting, public relations, statistics, organizational management, and business law. Most graduates advance to positions as marketing managers devising means of advertising for clients, offering customer and company analysis, and maximizing profits. Marketing managers generally have earnings of $112,800 annually.

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4. Finance – M.S. or B.S. in Finance, or MBA in Finance

A degree in fiance provides graduates with the ability specialize business skills in fields like: financial accounting, capital, money markets, and investments. Finance programs provide an in-depth understanding of personal, corporate, and international finance to offer clients means of strengthening their long term investment, retirement, debt management, and insurance plans. Earning a business degree in finance features general business courses in marketing, human resource management, business law, and project management as well as corporate finance, management information systems, supply chain management, and issues in management and organizations. Graduates with business degrees with concentrations in finance generally advance to positions as personal financial advisors, financial analysts, budget analysts, and financial consultants within numerous organizations earning salaries of $99,330 yearly.

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