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Business Management Schools

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One of the most important steps for international students considering a degree in business is to choose the right school. Just about every college and university in America features some sort of business program, so narrowing down your choices can be a difficult task. There are so many things to factor in that it may seem overwhelming. Are you looking for a smaller school? Are you concerned with location? Is there a particular professor you want to study with? What kind of business are you looking to study?

University of Pennsylvania

In 2015-2016, US News and World Report ranked the University of Pennsylvania as the number one business school in the US. Deeply rooted in American history, the University of Pennsylvania was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this mostly urban campus currently enrolls around 10,000 undergraduates, including many international students. Known commonly as Penn or UPenn, the university is a private Ivy League school, and admission is extremely competitive. Even amid hundreds of possible majors, General Finance is one of the most popular.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Second on the list of best undergraduate business programs is Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, located in Cambridge, MA. Founded in 1861, the school has a total undergraduate enrollment of around 4,500. Admission is extremely competitive; in 2016, the acceptance rate for freshmen was 8 percent, which means that fewer than one out of every ten students who applied was accepted.

MIT’s business school is the Sloan School of Management. Sloan was founded in 1914 as an engineering administration curriculum known as Course 15. Since then, the scope and depth of the program’s focus has grown steadily in response to advances in the theory and practice of management. Undergraduates do not have to apply directly to Sloan; rather, they are admitted to MIT without designation of a department or course of study and choose a major at the end of their freshman year.

University of California – Berkeley

UC Berkeley is also on the top of the list for business schools. Located on an urban campus in Berkeley, California, it is the oldest of the ten universities that make up the University of California system. UC Berkeley is often cited as the top public university in the United States. The school enrolls approximately 30,000 undergraduates.

The Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley was first established in 1898 and is the second oldest business school in the country. The school offers a Bachelor of Science degree for its 700 undergraduate students, who take core courses in Business Communication, Micro- and Macroeconomics, Managerial and Financial Accounting, Finance, Spreadsheet Decision-Making, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, and Ethics, as well as elective courses in these and other fields. Students enter the Haas School of Business at the start of their junior year, and graduate within two years

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University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor is one of the larger schools in the US to feature a top-tier business program. Located in the suburbs of Ann Arbor, the university enrolls around 27,400 undergraduates. UM’s appeal extends beyond just its academics: Ann Arbor is considered one of America’s great college towns and UM’s Division I athletics are a huge part of the university community.

UM’s Ross School of Business centers its undergraduate program around a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA). Most students apply for the BBA during their freshman year of college, though Ross does offer special early admission for post-high school students as well. The Ross School of Business focuses on leadership and entrepreneurial skills while integrating its curriculum with the standard liberal arts coursework. UM ranks among the best business schools in the US due in part to its emphasis on what it calls action-based learning, essentially a hands-on approach to business skills

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New York University

It’s no surprise that one of the largest universities located in one of the largest international cities with one of the largest business markets in the world would be one of the top schools to study business. New York University’s densely urban campus sits right in the heart of New York City, and this private research university enrolls around 22,300 undergraduates. Their proximity to the Greenwich Village neighborhood also ensures its students that in addition to a high quality education they will also experience a high level of culture.

As you might expect, the Stern School of Business at NYU focuses its curriculum around the international market and global awareness. Innovation is of the utmost importance at forward-thinking institutions like NYU, and the Stern School seeks domestic and international students who think and act socially and globally.

Though it is great to aim high, there are so many other amazing business programs that are offered all across the U.S. Be careful not to narrow your focus to the business programs at the very top of national rankings. Some of the best business schools are lesser known institutions. Oftentimes these less famous institutions are diamonds in the rough. Other business schools that you might consider include:

University of Southern Indiana

The University of Southern Indiana (USI) MBA helps working professionals strengthen strategic, behavioral, and technical skills needed in dynamic business environments. The program also focuses on providing educational experiences that prepare students to effectively engage in issues at the intersection of business and society such as ethical business practices, globalization, and technological change.

All courses at the University of Southern Indiana are taught by doctorally qualified faculty at the forefront of their disciplines. With the options for curriculum taught at USI, students can earn their MBA in as little as one year’s time.

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